5 Things You Forget to Do in Every Sales Meeting

Your sales meetings are crucial to your company’s success, and while some of you (like me) may not love the idea of sales, it’s necessary. Mikhail recently shared five things we may forget to ask in every sales meeting as a part of 7twelve Marketing’s 3 Minute Thursdays over on Facebook, but we wanted to expand on them a bit.

Are you making these sales meeting mistakes?

1. Ask the Right Questions

In sales, the person who talks less holds the power. And by asking the right questions, you get a peek into what they’re looking for, instead of assuming what they need. Clients will tell you what you want to hear, you just need to ask the right questions then stop talking.

Questions about their previous experience with another company, what they feel like their current X is lacking, and their goals will go a long way in making sure you close the sale.

2. Build Your Value

You wouldn’t say “we’re charging you $20,000 for $5,000 worth of work”, right? Well, I hope you’re not. If you are, let’s talk and get your pitch cleaned up. In sales, it’s all about adding value.

You can do this by showing the client three things: you’ll save them time, it will make their lives easier, and that you’ll work with them every step of the way. Build up your value early on, and they’ll be less likely to balk when it comes time for the money talk.

3. Listen to a Client’s Needs

In #1 we told you that talking less is the key. That goes hand in hand with actively listening to the client’s needs. They may not come out and say it, it may be hidden in an “I wish” statement or a question. If you don’t truly listen to a client’s needs, then it’s less likely you’ll be able to serve them well.

Their needs may be hidden in an “I wish” statement or a question.

4. Uncover Client Objections

Even if you follow your script perfectly, there may be some questions left unsaid at the end of your meeting. This is when the listening comes in handy; asking “is there something I didn’t cover?” or “is there anything else you would like to know?” can provide you with extra information to help close the sale.

If and when the client brings up some objections, like cost or ROI, have some thought out answers. And if they ask a question you’re unprepared for that you can come back to, don’t try to mumble your way through it. It’s okay to say “I’ll double check on that info for you and get back to you.”

5. Ask for the Sale

This can be the hardest part, especially for those new to sales. At the end of the meeting, don’t leave it at “I’ll follow up with you in a few days.” Following up is important, but you need to do something first: ask for the sale. I like to combine finding client’s objections and asking for the sale with, “Is there anything preventing you from getting started today?”

Sales meetings can be stressful, especially in the beginning, but these five tips can help you stay focused and remember the key points: ask questions, listen, and ask for the sale. With these tips, you can increase your closing ratio and grow your business.

— Hannah