Northwell Health at Jones Beach Theater (Photo by me)

The Northwell Health at Jones Beach Theater was surrounded by sapphire blue waters — a refreshing sight away from the city’s murky green and brown rivers. I stared out into the distance like it was the ocean, and I switched the song I had been listening to “Swan Song.” Other choices were “High by the Beach,” “13 Beaches,” “Venice Bitch,” or “Get Free.”

But it was three hours before the show began when I arrived, and the mood was a tranquil one. It helped the atmosphere that there were flocks of white birds skirting the area of water and sand…

Fans are having trouble accepting the new era aesthetic. Why?

On Wednesday, July 31st Lana released the official cover and tracklist for her upcoming fifth studio album Norman Fucking Rockwell!

When Lana Del Rey revealed the title of her fifth studio album last year, fans had trouble accepting it given its contrast to her poetic titles (e.g. Paradise, Ultraviolence, Honeymoon, etc.).

A stark departure from her previous records, the new album cover also features a boat, a man (Duke Nicholson — grandson of Jack Nicholson) and…comic book font?

In her previous eras, Lana always used the same typeface and had her posing by a vehicle. From Born to Die to…

Nice for What” and “Girls Like You” Singles Artwork (via Wikipedia)

Dubbed the “Year of the Woman,” 2018 saw twelve songs that peaked at #1 on Billboard Hot 100. Of those twelve number-one singles, two were female-empowerment songs by male artists: “Nice for What” by Drake and “Girls Like You” by Maroon 5 (an all-male band).

Four of those twelve number-ones have female artists— three songs listed them as collaborators and only one (“Thank U, Next” by Ariana Grande) was by a solo female artist. 2018 wasn’t exactly short on female-empowerment anthems by women. We had “God Is a Woman” by Ariana Grande, “I Do” by Cardi B feat. …

Following a personal loss and failed engagement, what does Ariana have to say?

Thank U, Next Album Artwork

It’s been a rough few years for Ariana Grande. In 2015, she was exposed to be a donut-licking health-code violator. In her 2017 Dangerous Woman tour stop at Manchester, a terrorist attack led to the death of 22 concert goers and parents, injuring hundreds. In 2018, she ended her two-year relationship with Mac Miller and subsequently became engaged to Pete Davidson which ended in six months, following shortly after her ex-boyfriend’s death. Oh, and people took to social media to blame Mac’s accidental drug overdose on her

From Born to Die to Lust for Life, Lana Del Rey completed a revolution in lyricism and attitude. On the former album cover, she is sending us an ice-cold stare and, on the latter, she is smiling at us.

In 2019, she is slated to release Norman Fucking Rockwell — a name which is a complete departure from her previous poetic titles (i.e. Paradise, Ultraviolence, Honeymoon) yet quintessentially the no-fucks-given Lana we all love at the same time.

As a long-time fan of the singer and her lyricism, I enjoy jumping down the rabbit-hole that is Lana Del Rey Wiki

H. K.

H.K. needs a gallon of coffee every day to fuel her writing, reading and Redditing habits. But, really, it’s just an excuse for more coffee.

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