How To Use Evernote As A Blogging Platform

And walk away from all those heavy CMSs

Updated, May 1, 2015: It is unfortunate how things turned out. is not free anymore. Now you need to sign up for a $9/mo subscription. However, there is an option for a 14-day free trial if you wish to give it a go.

Evernote is mainly a note-taking app. It is an amazing tool to write down your thoughts and ideas, organize them by using tags and sync them across various mobile devices. But thanks to a very friendly API, Evernote can do more. If you are not willing to mess with WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr or other publishing platforms, but you are a major Evernote fan, you can build your own blog with it. takes advantage of Evernote’s flexible API and allows users to build their own blog in seconds. It provides the necessary infrastructure (domains, themes, comments system etc) and lets users take care of the writing only. If you don’t have an Evernote account yet, follow this link to join and get the first month of Evernote Premium for free.

Lets take a look at how you can set your own blog in 3 simple steps.

Setting up your account

It is obvious that you are gonna need to set up an account in order to bridge and Evernote. Visit and use your Evernote credentials to sign up. This will allow to access your Evernote account and be able to create notes, notebooks and tags.

Setting up your first blog

After signing up, you will be redirected to your Dashboard. Click “+Create Site” to build your first blog. Choose your URL, your blog’s name, your own name and fill some brief info about yourself. You can, also, choose the notebook you want to connect this blog to — the notebook that you are gonna write your posts in. If you don’t select a notebook from the list, will create a new notebook named after your blog’s name. After this, click “Create site”. Then you can select your theme from the Theme Browser and optimize some Settings according to your preferences (or you can skip it for later).

Start blogging

Now open your Evernote client (or Evernote in your browser) and click sync. Evernote will sync the changes made in your account and a new notebook will appear in the list. Go to the notebook and click “Create Note” to write your “Hello World” post. Don’t forget to tag it with “published”, which will allow to ‘understand’ that you want to publish this post. Don’t tag the post if you want to save it as a draft. Finally, sync your notes and you are good to go.

That’s it. Happy blogging.