BitDATA and the Hong Kong dollar stablecoin HKDT reached strategic cooperation agreement

Jun 11, 2019 · 2 min read

BitDATA, a smart on-chain digital asset aggregation trading platform, officially announced a strategic partnership with the Hong Kong dollar stablecoin HKDT.

The dual strategic cooperation agreement defines that BitDATA’s market big data processing module, aggregate transaction module, and native blockchain wallet will support HKDT, so that BitDATA users can check the HKDT trading markets, use OTC trading to purchase HKDT, and transfer HKDT funds.

BitDATA’s unique blockchain-oriented software system is similar to traditional platforms like Bloomberg Terminal (by Bloomberg L.P.) or Chinese Tonghuashun (by Hithink Flush Information Network Co Ltd.), through which users can monitor and analyze real-time financial market data and place trades on the electronic trading platforms.

BitDATA is a one-stop aggregation trading platform for digital asset investments, which integrates investor training programs, investment opportunity search, investment research tool, market data, market analysis tools, as well as investment, trading and fund management services.

Listing on BitDATA and user access to its services indicates HKDT’s maturity and its trading data transparency.

BitDATA’s HKDT Trading View Screen

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Watch information on HKDT trading on BitDATA:

Announcement on BitDATA website (in Chinese):

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HKDT is a stable, secure and reliable Hong Kong Dollar-pegged digital asset (stablecoin) with HKDT = 1 HKD exchange rate. Visit our website:

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