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Are you a Software Engineer/ Product Manager, daydreaming about what would it be like to live in Europe but don’t know how to get started and land your dream job?

Are you thinking something like this:

Where should I apply for jobs?

Which companies sponsor visa?..

Is it normal that none of my applications get shortlisted ?

I don’t have time to customise my resume for every company….

How long does it take to get visa ?

Don’t worry — I’ll guide you through it.

Rewinding 3 years back, I am right in your shoes. A colleague of mine got a job offer for a Product Manager in Berlin. I had always imagined myself travelling places while working at the same time. Who don’t want to have a fulfilling career while also fulfilling their travel goals. Working in a European city seemed like a perfect opportunities to travel freely in Europe, while also having a stable job. …

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