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Government guidelines on what to do in quarantine include going out for mild exercise — namely, casual walking in the mild early spring weather. Under quarantine, this kind of walking is considered a luxury — a reminder that the world actually existed a few weeks ago, that time when apparently you were spending “too much time on Twitter” and not enough time “being present in your actual relationship”.

As I walk down my street, I pass a concrete tower block and I curse it. Or rather, I curse the winged demon that sits on the top of said block –– the grey and orange ghoul that towers over the newly quarantined. The winged ghoul rarely moves. It stands, sometimes stretching its wings, as it observes its new kingdom, bestowed on it by the virus. I stop and stare at the bird, and it stares back. I wonder if it understands its new power. I wonder if it respects it. …


Hussein Kesvani

Writer, UK/Europe editor for MEL

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