Join the Joyride

Lempea`s first fiscal year (actually nine months) is now behind. We started as a side-company in the spring and at that point there were no real goals nor concrete plans for the future. Of course I have been thinking about buidling an own business for a long time, but that was supposed to happen “sometime later”. Well, things went into different direction and I found myself in June running a real company and looking for customers, employees and partners. The best thing that has happened to me in my professional life! A real hustler was born…

I never realised how much fun there is in at building something together. We as a team live through all the hard times, good times and enjoy the bumpy road as well.

After nine months in operation things look really great. Our revenue growth from Q2 -> Q3 was 64% and from Q3 -> Q4 even better: 72%. We are working with several customers and our team is growing rapidly to meet the increasing demand. But most important thing has been all the learnings for everyone in our team. Part of that process has led to kicking off our own service development, which is now started. We are going to be real product company 2018!

Some facts (official numbers will follow in February): our cash situation is ok (as it is very much needed for our own development for next year). We make solid profit but also want to invest all possible earnings for future growth. Expectation for 2018 is that we want to hit around 1M in revenues and keep profit level on a level that allows us to make movements in an true agile manner. We will grow in terms of employees to 15–18 people. We have already decided to move into new office space in March in order to have more room for development team(s).

We are also hiring all the time. If you suspect that we might be the right gang for you, please contact me: and we can discuss more. There is always a need for warm hearted individuals and good people. You know what you are capable of doing, so why don`t you just share it with us? Then we could commonly decide if we would like to continue our story together.

Stay tuned and join the joyride!