How “Not Just Special, But Super” was made!

In last August, we were approached by an agency about their client who wanted to bring awareness to special needs society in Dubai. They had already planned for the initiative and they wanted to see how a video could help them document and narrate the story from everybody’s (the client’s, the agency’s, and the school’s) point of view.

As you may imagine, there was much back and forth among all the parties in order to finally start the process of making the story “Not Just Special, But Super”.

Watch the outcome befroe we start sharing our process to create this piece:

Project Brief

“Work with special needs children and bring their inner superheroes to life — literally!”

That was almost big picture of this project. How we can bring awarness to society about amazing capabilities of peoples with special need in a video?

So In fun and immersive sessions with 20 selected kids from the Al Noor Center for Children with Special Needs, we asked them to describe what they would be like if they were superheros. Their narratives and interactions were captured in real time by a concept artist, who sketched an “avatar” of what each one of the children described about their super alter-ego.

Then, by using 3D printing technology, the folks from Generation 3D did a wonderful job of bringing the avatars to life in the form of an action figure! Using the magic of facial scanning and 3D printing, Generation 3D transformed these digital avatars into lifelike full-color figurines with the children’s faces on the bodies of their superhero selves — a physical, lifelong reminder of what makes them super!

Our Process

As we witnessed and documented all the events along with initial interviews, we came to a conclusion about how the story should be seen, heard and felt by the audience on the Internet. We worked on a mood board, which reflects color identity, color pattern, story structure and all other components of the story, including emotional triggers that make our work stand out from the crowd. Our approach to additional graphic elements was minimal, meaningful and innovative in order to add the superhero touch to the characters.


As we expected, and by human nature, most of the dialogue was incomplete and fragmented and could not stand alone. Some of the students weren’t able to express themselves in the way we always strive for. With the help of instructors on location, we were able to work aournd, and there were almost no other subjects talked about that could be part of their narrative. Due to limitations related to the topic, there was no plan for more interviews with kids in other spaces like their homes.


With the goal of bringing awareness to society and viewers through the film, we wanted to reveal the challenges of kids with special needs side by side with their super abilities. We found an excellent opportunity to innovate and narrate the story with the superhero theme and inspiring quotes from all parties interviewed to bring both their challenges and strengths into the viewer’s eye.

With keeping in mind about online viewer’s short attention span over social media channels, we worked on the story quality and visual appearance, including the client’s requirements, enabling ourselves to tell the universal story of humankind while we serve everyone’s desire.


We carefully studied what parts of the conversation could help the message to be heard. We also studied how to bring innovative ideas to the screen and add the superhero theme into the story in a ways that not seen before.

At the end let us know what you think of above work.