How we made “This is MyRAK” ?

“This is My RAK “ is our latest cinematic narrative film, featuring three inspiring characters from the emirate of Ras Al Khaimah in UAE.

Corporate Storytelling by Kiyany

Three portraits, three emotional stories around people of Ras Al Kaimah: Mohammed Al Yakoobi, owner of the last cassette shop in UAE; Anwar Shamsuddin, keeping the legacy of the most beloved Indian restaurant in RAK; Dr. Najeeb Abdullah Al Shamsi, keeping track of the history and people of RAK in his personal Photo Museum.

At the top of Dhayah Fort


This work was commissioned by RAK Bank, one of the oldest and most dynamic institution in the UAE, founded in 1976.

Throughout this campaign, RAK Bank aims to share the big picture behind their brand, services, and commitment toward the emirates of Ras Al Khaimah.

Inside Calicut Restaurant

The Challenge

We’ve been asked to fit three different characters into one single narrative, telling their stories and the nature of their business, rooted in the emirate of Ras al Khaimah.

Besides the excitement of such challenge, we were constrained to interview them before the month of Ramadan (as the shop would close after this deadline) and to shoot the B-rolls at a later stage, with all the adversities of the holy month combined with a very unforgiving UAE summer (peaking 45 degrees).

To overcome these challenges a thorough pre-production was essential, by ultimately understanding the essence of the work and crafting an inspiring story to provoke the audience and play with visual experimentation (with color, editing, transitions, sound design): all of these elements helped us to achieve a compelling non-fictional story that ultimately lead to more than 300,000 views.

Behind the scene of filming Dr. Najeeb Al Shamsi Museum

Our Method

With each and every project at Kiyany Media we develop a treatment and conduct a series of pre-interviews that lead to a deeper and more original conversation with characters, directing them to a meaningful dialogue.

We also film observational moments with characters around their premises related to the nature of the story in a cinematic narrative that entertains, educate and engage the audience.

In the making of “this is My RAK”, we aimed to highlight the uniqueness of the people of Ras al Khaimah and their individual efforts to make it such an authentic emirate.

Inside of Al Yaqoobi Music Store in 360 video

The Results

The film premiered in early September 2017 on the RAK BANK Facebook page, receiving more than 300K views and a stellar organic share result.

The success behind the social media version of the project lead RAK Bank to extend it to cinema theaters, during the Eid Adha holidays, and soon on OSN Network.

We produced a 16:9 edit for Facebook, and three square mobile-first edits for Instagram, feed and stories.

Watch This is MyRak — Director’s Cut

About The Client

The film was commissioned by Rak bank, leading innovative bank that operates across UAE with around 38 branches.


Excutive Producer: Hassan Kiyany

Sound Design: Matteo Curcio

Camera: Matteo Curcio, Hassan Kiyany

Production Assistant : Paul Bester

Special Thanks to: Naser Al Yaqoobi , Hamad Saghran