In Class Assignment


(a) Consider the other careers you entertained before deciding to study design (or whatever your major is). Place design (or your major) and the other option you entertained.

Architecture/ Design — — — — — — — — — — — — — — Medical Scientist

(b) Now consider another axis of uncertainty linked to your profession. In my case it might be practice vs. research. Put that on a vertical axis
 so draw the 2x2

(c.)Now describe scenarios for what you might be doing in each quadrant. What forces might push you in one quadrant? What barriers might you encounter in that quadrant?

Architecture/ Design

  • Many opportunities to express oneself through visual work.
  • Competitive field of work with business restraints including intellectual property, opportunity, product recognition and patents.
  • Wider range of Opportunity for change in the comfort of living or save lives with products that can provide sustenance and or security.
  • Constraints beyond control

Medical Scientist

  • Save lives through discovering new cures or vaccines
  • Providing more insight in already existing conditions and diseases.
  • Adding knowledge to medical history
  • no expression of self
  • Very hard to distinguish oneself through work
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