InClass Assignment


Generic futures exercise. Take one of your life scenarios and explore it through Dator’s four generic futures.

For example: what would your scenario look like in each of the following:

Continued growth, collapse, disciplined society, and transformative society.

My Life Scenario

In an alternate life I would be a medical researcher trying to find cures for new diseases, conditions and outbreaks. By the time i finish school I would probably be in my late 20s to early 30s but saving future lives as I continuously work. I would probably move back to NY and do research at an institute or a renowned hospital. I might even be working for a pharmaceutical company finding new drugs to replace the outdated ones.

A. Continued Growth- Continued economic growth of the country

Population increase because of continued success and also funding for research would allow me to prosper in my work field and research whatever was necessary with the proper equipment and time

B.Discipline- Collapsed economy and strict governance to regain structure

Government laws change and requirements are stricter. People are more subject to laws and social standings

Funding would be cut off and strict governance would allow me to only research on what was necessary at the time of need. Corruption could lead to research in one type of field.

C. Collapse- Major social systems are strained beyond breaking point causing system collapse and social disarray

Tyrannical rule over the country causes the spiralling downfall of systems in place.

There would be no researchers let alone working hospitals as there is no more working systems in place. Resources are used for the living and healthy.

D.Transformation-Fundamental reorganization of a society or system that signals a break from previous systems.

New rule over the country

New systems allow research to start again at a relative pace.

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