Principles of Social Innovation

Session 12:

How do we create together?

  • Limits of facilitated dialogue
  • conversations as the life of communities
  • Conversations=Culture
“We are shaped by it and we shape it”

Culture is an emerging process

We need to create a different new conversation but…its is Hard, uncertain but necessary

Activity: Theater methods

  1. warm-up

2. Sink into role playing based on “theater of the oppressed”

3. debrief

These activities took the whole class and even then we expedited the process. During the warm up we tried to first walk around the room and feel the space out. We also wanted to feel as though this was a safe place for expression and that being in character should not align with our views or perspectives. Trying to set the scene just in case some people are sensitive to anything that could possible happen while role playing.

Next, we were told to stand in place and get into a character. We could imagine any person and Johanna took us in step by step. First we were asked what age and who are we. Then how are body feels and what that person might want to do on a Sunday morning.

I was paired with Raph. My character was a tired middle aged man watching tv with some beer on a sunday morning while Raph played an old man and we both assumed he was the middle aged man’s father.

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