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We always desire for more than what we have today. When I was in college, I desired a decent job, a wonderful woman, and a good car.

I got the woman first, she is my wife now. Right after college, I got a low paying job, and worked hard, bought a decent car. Soon after, I had this urge to be an entrepreneur, so I left my successful, high paying job after working for 5 years and took a leap of faith.

After bootstrapping the business for 1 and a half years. …

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My wife is a huge fan of Workin’ Moms – Four very different thirty-something working mothers and friends try to balance their jobs, family life and love life in modern-day Toronto, Canada. (IMDB)

My wife, who is a working mom, could definitely relate to the story, and she loved the series. She got me thinking that Working Dads is a thing too these days.

After all, we live in this new world where fathers are not the sole decision-makers, and mothers are not the only home-makers. We are partners and we got to share responsibilities.

Are you a father? Read on to find out whether you’re a Workin’ Dad or not. Take these easy responsibilities to be one! …

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It’s not always possible to remain in touch with everyone that you professional meet or interact with. It's certainly not easy to remember people’s names. However, the impact you leave on them when you meet is what they will remember about you.

I had a network of hundreds of people that I’ve connected with overtime. I had a poor engagement with them until I figured out the way to leave that long lasting impact on others.

These 5 simple but effective techniques have helped me in widening my network and having better engagement rates:


Smile is contagious. When someone sees you smiling, they will smile too. Smile activates neuronal signalling molecules that influence the activity of the brain and helps reduce stress. …


Himanshu Pal

I’m a Recruiter by profession and I look at all hiring processes from a different angle.

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