Monday. Monster Day. Money Day. Motherfucker Day.

Every person has their own description on this first day of the week.

For me, there is 3 type of person based on how they face the Monday:

1. Monday blues people:
They always hate Monday, and feeling sad an entire work day. Their quote or status on their social media must be:
“if Monday had a face, I would punch it!” or “Wake me up when Monday is over”
2. Monday motivation people:
They super like Monday, they always have the motivation to face Monday and the entire of working day. They status on social media must be :
“ Monday is the perfect day to correct last week’s mistakes” or “New Monday, New Week, New Goals, and New Me”
3. Average People:
They don’t care if it is Monday, Thursday or even Sunday. They just through the day like biasa aja, nothing special, nothing that I have to hate or love. They don’t like to update status every Monday, yup because nothing special.

How about me? I am in between motivation and average people. I don’t like update status about how passionate I am to face the Monday and the entire of the week.

I am always blessed that I still had Monday, I still have a lot of working load to do. 
I never hate Monday. Hating Monday such a simply mean that you hate if you’re still working. It’s just simply mean that you hate to get your salary to pay all of your weekend’s bill.

Your weekend is special because of weekday and your weekday start from Monday.

Let’s take a sip of Less Sugar Kapal Api coffee this Monday!

-hakuna matata

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