Taco Tuesday!


by Julian Tapia and Samantha Wilson

One day a fleet of tacos came to attack the MUFFINS. But, Chuck Norris kicked dem fighters down. But a unicorn came and shot a laser out of his horn and blew up Chuck Norris. The

Muffin soldiers VS the Taco army. But just then the CUPCAKES CAME. :(

Then the male man came and said “ I’m coming! with Burrito Bob (our best soldier) LOL” !!! But behind them was Fried Freedy!!! With peanut butter!!! (As potato chips fell from the sky).

Muffin warchief came and said “HOLY FRIJOLES!!! WHAT IS DAT!!!”

Just then John Cena came with a tank!!! And went to the ice cream store and bought a cow named bob

Bob yelled “peanut butter jelly time!!!”

luke skywalker came with Bob to eat at chinese food.

But just then a cop came and said” stop dat Freedy!!!”

but Freed came with a waffle and landed on the moon with bob. But, a pineapple got a cupcake and went to Africa! And Chuck Norris came back from the dead with a unicorn and killed EVERYONE!!!!! But then there was a big showdown between Chuck Norris and Trump. But then the world ended and they had to fight on the moon! Obama came and fired his vice president. Then he took out a rocket launcher and killed Mickey Mouse. Samantha was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy. But Julian’s childhood was ruined. So then Samantha ran to a gun store and bought a K43 the most powerful weapon ever. And killed Julian. so a kangaraptor (a kangaroo mixed with a velociraptor) crashes into the street. On the back of the kangaraptor, Chris Pratt sat on a nyon cat. No not nyan cat! Yelled Samantha! She got out a shotgun and killed the cat. Wahoooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The end.