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Molly — I am sorry I did not get to meet you when you visited Jay in the hospital. I am married to Jane (Yalonda’s sister), and I’ve been part of Jay’s life since 1978. Your post is very powerful, and, if you’d like (and if not, I understand that choice as well), I’d be glad to be in contact via email. There is so much that I can tell you about Jay. I’m a semi-retired professor and writer (poet), and a colleague of mine had his class create a play, and Jay’s testimony is central to the play. I could send you that script. At any rate — beautiful writing on your part, and even though the circumstances were awful, I am glad you got to see and meet Jay. If you wish to be in touch, my email is I would be glad to begin a conversation with you, though I would also understand and respect your choice if you prefer not to. Yours, Hank Lazer

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