Tweaks that can make reviews a bit smoother

Review prompts are notoriously controversial, but I consider them necessary, given how Apple rewards apps with lots of good reviews.

Simplifying the process of leaving a review will encourage users to do it more often. More reviews means that users get a more accurately curated App Store, and that developers get more positive reviews to boost their apps, as well as feedback to improve them. It’s a win-win.

This is a hypothetical redesign of review prompts as permitted by Apple, aiming to remove as much friction as possible.


Rechner by Berger & Föhr, the app that converted me to “fLAT DESIGN.”

Is flat design just a fad or is it progress? 

I’ve typed and deleted many words since the flat trend began in the design community. Many of those words have been said, (lots of times) but they are in some cases relevant to my own points, so forgive me for being redundant. Despite my dislike for the terms, I’ll use the dichotomy of flat design vs. skeumorphism for familiarity’s sake.


Henri Liriani

Design & Product person. Rehabilitating Minimalist. @hliriani

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