What is really like to live without an smartphone on 2018?

I got my smartphone stolen and it changed my life. Here’s why.

August this year, my Android was stolen from my dorm room by my roommates at a San Jose Job Corps. I bursted into tears and accused everyone around asking where it was; my boyfriend tried to calm me down and all of a sudden, I was on Facebook locked out seeing that I had been locked out and needed to verify with a phone number I no longer had.

I nodded this off and make a new account on another social media account twitter and uploaded posts and photos then I was locked out and needed to verify with a number.

Was my email not good enough?

I wasn’t happy, to be honest; I’d send Instagram messages to my friends, take pictures and write books or poems on different social media accounts, then after making them I’d be locked out and need a phone to get back in. It was beyond frustrating and I soon began to realize how hard life was without a phone. I couldn't change my bank password, Some social media accounts wouldn’t even let me create an account without a phone number, I couldn’t access my gmail. Of course there were other ways to login to these platforms such as Facebook which required a I.D photo or driver license photo if you couldn’t use the phone number you registered with but there’s only one problem with that; You need a phone to take a photo.

When the time moved on and I lived with no phone for appropriately nine months, I couldn’t do more than feel empty and hopeless. I was like a cave-woman in our high-tech society. I was a 19 year old not able to get a job from Linked-In cause I knew employers wanted to call rather than email.

Therefore, here is a lesson that I wish future social media platforms and businesses need to understand.

Not Everyone Has A Phone