Dear boyfriend,

Wow, you’re still here? I didn’t think you’d still be here. We’ve been friends for God knows how long, and been dating for who even knows how long. You’re someone I trust with every gross, embarrassing story. You’re someone I’ve come to laugh with when anyone does something stupid. You’re someone I’ve come to talk to when I have no where else to go, even though you’re my first destination. You’re someone I’ve come to love a lot more than I’ve ever expressed. I know our relationships haven’t always been the best, but we’ve grown. And grown together. There isn’t much you don’t know, and there isn’t anything I wouldn’t tell you. I call you at two in the morning and you say it’s fine, but your voice says something else. You listen to whatever I say, you advise when I need help, you joke when I need it, and you love me unconditionally. There have been times I don’t know how either of us are still here, but those times pass. There are times I question why you stick around, but I’ll never say anything. I’ve put you through hell once or twice, but you’re still here as if I never did anything wrong. Most boyfriends act differently once they’ve been in the relationship for a while, but a whole while later you’re still here trying to impress me. Everyday you act as if I’m the girl who turns you down and you’re still trying to win me over.

You know my past. I know your past. The good, the bad, the embarrassing, and everything else. You know me better than anyone ever has. You know how to give me hope when everything else is taking my hope away. When you’re sad, I am a phone call away. We bounce off of each other like no other. People say best friends are hard to find, and love is impossible to find. I guess I got blessed with both in one.

I know were only in high school and no one ever approves of high school relationships. Maybe we’re not meant to be together, maybe we are. But if we never try, we’ll never know. So here’s to our past, our present, and our future. Our future might be another week or another lifetime. Either way, thanks for sticking around, you’re a real catch babe.

Lots of love,

Your pain in the ass girlfriend.

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