Invest in bitcoin lending

​BitConnect members can earn Bitcoins just by pooling their Bitcoin with other community members through the BitConnect lending platform. Using our Bitcoin lending platform, we can help you earn a substantial return on your bitcoin investment along with all of our other satisfied members!

Unlike conventional bitcoin lending platforms, BitConnect has developed an innovative way for you to lend and earn bitcoins with little to no risk to the investor. The interest rate on lending is calculated by our BitConnect Price Volatility Software and accrued daily which was developed for use with our Bitcoin Trading Bot. Let our BitConnect Price Volatility Software and BitConnect Trading Bot do its work, and you can rest easy while your bitcoin investment does the heavy lifting.​

How BitConnect Lending Works?

How interest is calculated on your Bitcoin Lending?

BitConnect’s Price Volatility Software calculates daily earnings on your bitcoin investment. OurBitConnect Trading Bot in tandem with our BitConnect Price Volatility Software generates income for you based on the amount you have lent and share the profit as daily interest on your capital.

For example: If you lend $1000 today — after 24 hours you will see the earnings in your account, calculating previous day’s interest rate as shown in the chart here. If the interest is 0.45%, for example, then you will have $1000 + $4.5 as a profit on next day in your account.

Each day the BitConnect Trading Bot generate profit based on our Price Volatility Software and accrued daily in your BitConnect Lending wallet.