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A Note for the MoveWith Community…

Three years ago, we launched the MoveWith audio fitness app. Following the belief that coaches are our greatest motivators, our vision was to connect people with coaches who could support their bodies, minds and souls. We did this by building a platform for the best coaches to distribute and monetize their own digital wellness content.

We are really proud of what we built. Our app reached the top 25 wellness apps on the App Store and was loved by movers around the globe. Our talented team of coaches created motivating and authentic audio fitness classes that were played over 250,000 times.

Today, we’re excited to announce that all workouts will be moving to the MyFitnessPal app’s Workout Routines feature this fall. We hope you’ll continue your fitness journey there!

As of August 21st, 2020, the MoveWith app and website will be shut down permanently. Where applicable, active subscribers will receive a prorated refund. For more information, see our FAQ below.

We’ll miss moving with you. We had crazy big dreams to move the world together and it’s never easy to let go, but it’s time to say goodbye. Thank you for the love and support you’ve shown us over the years, for investing in yourselves, and for working towards a healthier body, mind and soul with our incredible coaches.

We hope you continue #makingmoves with the wonderful team at MyFitnessPal.

With gratitude,

The MoveWith Team


  1. Can I continue to take MoveWith classes after August 21st? Yes, you can access the best of MoveWith in the MyFitnessPal app’s Workout Routines feature this fall.

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