The Power of Social Sweat

Tricia Choi and I founded MoveWith on the premise that when it comes to living a healthy and active life, people are our greatest motivators.

We call this social sweat. As we enter a new year — a time of committing or recommitting to wellness goals — social sweat is what will keep us engaged, thriving, and ultimately, healthy.

So what’s social sweat really about? It’s about tapping into the collective strength and enthusiasm that comes from moving together. It’s unabashedly using the power of a group to achieve your fitness goals. Whether it comes from a friend, a teacher, or a fellow mover, social sweat pushes us to run longer, ride faster, climb higher, and reach for more.

It is…

…a teacher whose encouragement drives us further than we thought we could go.

…a mantra that leads to a moment of clarity within ourselves.

…a friend who plans a 6am run with views of the sunrise.

…a mover who gives so much to their workout that everyone else can’t help but do the same.

…a class whose shared heartbeat leads to greater connection and bonds among its members.

…a team who unites toward a common goal and transcends personal differences.

Teammate at MoveWith motivated me to run The North Face Endurance Challenge Half. 3500+ feet of climbing!

As a competitive ski racer, I had raw talent and drive, but it was only through a series of great coaches that I learned to master the form and the art of the sport. Beyond the form, my coaches helped me discover an inner strength I didn’t know I had. They helped me see that winning was just as much about heart as it was talent. That everything I needed was inside of me and it was up to me to unlock it.

But I could only fully unlock it through my teammates. They were competitors, sure, but they were also my community. They held me accountable, inspired me, and became my best friends. I reached milestones I didn’t think I could from the “you’ve got this” halfway through a hill sprint, the high five after a good run, the hug after a catastrophic crash. They helped me rise every time I fell and they made me smile and keep going even when I thought I couldn’t.

It is because of all of those people who inspired me, taught me, challenged me, and befriended me that I gained the confidence to listen to my gut, to trust that hard work will always lead to positive outcomes, and to realize that failure is just a temporary setback that leads to something much greater. It is because of them and because of you that MoveWith came to be.

Social sweat is bigger than me. It’s bigger than you. It’s what lets us break down the limiting barriers within ourselves and soar to new heights. And it’s by moving together that we can create it.

Holly on a hike in Canada with her former teammates

What does social sweat mean to you? Share photos of how you’re moving with your favorite teachers, friends, or teammates by using #socialsweat and tagging @movewith. I can’t wait to see what you share.

Here’s to sweating together in 2016!