To all the struggling mothers-to-be out there, this is for you.

I’m one of those women who you could say is ‘leaning in’. I always thought that having children was just a given and that I’d timed things perfectly. I prioritized my career in my 20’s, met my now husband at 30 while getting our MBA, got married at 34, and decided to spend a couple of years being married and getting our careers situated before becoming parents. I’d left my secure job at Apple to start a venture backed company and my husband had decided to pursue his PhD. I desperately wanted a family, but had taken a cue from my mother that doing so should not compromise my career. And I figured, like so many women around me, that having children in my mid to late 30’s was totally doable and normal. …


Holly Shelton

CEO & Founder of MoveWith. Building the future of fitness. Creating product that’s delightful to use. ex-. The outdoors. Constantly evolving.

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