To all the struggling mothers-to-be out there, this is for you.

I’m one of those women who you could say is ‘leaning in’. I always thought that having children was just a given and that I’d timed things perfectly. I prioritized my career in my 20’s, met my now husband at 30 while getting our MBA, got married at 34, and decided to spend a couple of years being married and getting our careers situated before becoming parents. …

One year ago, MoveWith took a big step towards launching the modern gym with our first audio fitness product that had a mere 25 classes and a handful of coaches. Today, with over 600 boutique classes, more than 30 amazing coaches, and a powerful mover community over 100,000 strong, we’re ready to move boldly into 2018.

For me, personally, 2017 was a year of grit at MoveWith and beyond. At MoveWith, we often think of ourselves as the humble underdogs — quietly, quickly and purposefully building the features that fuel a new kind of gym, a new way to be fit, a new way to earn a living as a coach, a new way of being boldly you. In less than a year, with a tiny team of 10 people, we proved to ourselves and our community that what we’re building was worth it. The countless late nights, the missed kids’ soccer games, the wearing of 1 too many hats was all worth it! …

Tricia Choi and I founded MoveWith on the premise that when it comes to living a healthy and active life, people are our greatest motivators.

We call this social sweat. As we enter a new year — a time of committing or recommitting to wellness goals — social sweat is what will keep us engaged, thriving, and ultimately, healthy.

So what’s social sweat really about? It’s about tapping into the collective strength and enthusiasm that comes from moving together. …


Holly Shelton

CEO & Founder of MoveWith. Building the future of fitness. Creating product that’s delightful to use. ex-. The outdoors. Constantly evolving.

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