A first look at the HLTH Run app

A first look at the HLTH Run app

HLTH Run is a health application designed by one of the most talented teams using the latest technology to create the best experience for its users. They are constantly updating and introducing new features on the HLTH Run application as per latest trends, regular user reviews and feedback. The primary motto of HLTH applications is to motivate the user into a routine healthy lifestyle. It is very common to procrastinate a healthy lifestyle due to stressful work and tight work schedules. It is very difficult to manage both personal health as well as work commitments. Everyone needs to push to make them to indulge in activities and bring fitness into priority. HLTH Run application can take over this role effectively. It pushes people to work out by providing them incentives.

How is the HLTH Run app different from other lifestyle applications?

The main motto of the HLTH Run application is Walk, Hike, Run, Earn. This signifies that more the effort put in by an individual, the more the user can earn HLTH Tokens. You must have heard about cryptocurrency, right? It is a digital currency that is designed to work as a standard exchange tool through various computer networks. Using HLTH Tokens, the user can invest and multiply the money or can even spend it in the HLTH market where you can buy all the supplements, vitamins and other required essentials for a good lifestyle. This motivates an individual to break boundaries and HLTH Tokes are perfect incentives for the users.

Join the Telegram community for more info: https://t.me/HLTHRun

What are the newly introduced features of this application?

Due to hectic schedules, many individuals tend to ignore their health and that can lead to various deadly diseases such as obesity, heart stroke, fatigue, kidney stone, heart blockage and many more subsequent problems. While logging into the HLTH Run application, they connect the app through the linked google fit. Subsequently, the app will ask for some details such as height and weight to get hold of the information about the user’s current body situation.

After the information process is done successfully, the HLTH Run application will analyze every movement done by the body from then onwards. It will measure all the essential aspects of the body will be measured. This is done through the connection with google fit while creating the account. This technology can be used to make body measurements such as

- Total steps taken.

- Distance covered by the user with respect to timing and date.

- Calories burned by the body and the energy consumption.

- Heart rate while performing certain activities.

All of the aspects mentioned above are very essential for an individual. If the heart rate goes up constantly and takes time to come down, the application will indicate the user to get it checked by a trusted doctor. Many individuals put up their best but still, the calories burn to remain low. For this problem, the application recommends the ideal exercise for the user which will help them to generate energy and burn more calories. After all the efforts witnessed by the application, it credits the deserved reward un the HLTH wallet. The user can track the traction details in the wallet section of the application.

Can the user have fun and maintain good health?

YES! Through the support of the HLTH Run application, it is possible. This application has taken all the aspects of hurdles in account and figured out a solution that will work in a favor of the users and make them breaks the bounties of procrastination.

- The user can choose avatars that matched the most concerning their personality. These avatars will represent them and their efforts taken

- The user can unlock several badges on witnessing progress. To show that their efforts are being taken into account, the badges will be provided for motivation.

- Now the users can enjoy this experience with their friends and loved ones. With a reliable person by your side, time flies while being productive at the same time.

- Research shows that competition is one of the most effective incentives. Through this app, the user can compete with their friends and even with strangers on the more step taken or maximum calories burn. It makes the users push themselves, earn rewards rapidly and gain confidence while being healthy.

- There will be an analysis of the efforts taken by the users compared to past weeks and months to understand the growth. The Leadership Board is a segment introduced to appreciate the users who are taking maximum efforts to improve their health and performing their best.

This application appreciates the efforts taken. At the end of the day, hard work pays off beautifully and that is what is expected from the HLTH run. A lot of research has been put to help users maintain a long and healthy life. We recommend you to use HLTH application and witness rapid improvement in health and having fun simultaneously. The application is constantly updated by the designers. Users can expect several changes and features adding up in coming weeks such as wallet upgradation for the incoming and withdrawal of the HLTH Tokens can be done conveniently. Many such features can be expected in coming days.




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