Introduction to the new HLTH RUN app (Version2)

We all are aware of the fact that it takes a lot of motivation and inner strength to continue doing a fitness routine. Especially if that individual does not have a habit of doing exercise, it can be a bit of a tough task to follow through this constantly. Through the HLTH application, any individual globally can follow a perfect routine to have a good physical lifestyle. To motivate people and get them interested in a healthier lifestyle, HLTH has inserted various incentives to create enthusiasm to follow the fixed monotonous routine. HLTH application tracks all the physical activity exerted by an individual and creates an overall report which includes the timing of workout and various calories burnt. The application compares the report weekly as well as monthly to check improvement inactivity. With an observable improvement in performance, the individual will be rewarded with HLTH tokens. These tokens are cryptocurrencies that can be exchanged and buy products from You can buy various health supplements and vitamins using these tokens recommended by the application with help of various health experts in this field. This recommendation is given according to their body type and their requirements.

Apart from token there are various other incentives such as:

- Walk or run to earn HLTH-

- Compete with friends

- Earn badges

- Track your history

- Reach your set goals

- Share your routes with your friends

Now in Version 2, we can not only have these features but we have used the latest technologies to help every individual to have the best experience possible and can focus on their health improvement. Listed below are some of the new features that will help improving your health.

Fitness page-

This new feature will help you have an overall idea about the current fitness trends and necessities. You will receive time to time feedback on everyday activities and workouts. Through this page, you can keep track of your distance, calories, heart rate, steps and various other minute detail. You can go back and also visit the track history and keep an eye on your progress. The best way to earn more tokens is by increasing your running distance and go for hiking or various other fitness routines. This page is essential to know your journey of health fitness and more scope of improvements.

Avatars 2.0-

We understand how everyone has their style and preference. While installing and setting up your fitness account, you will have an option to choose your avatar that will represent you in future. Earlier we had limited styles, with the talented team we have tried our best to cover all possible avatars to have a most relatable style that can represent you.

New App UI/UX-

We have already stated that we try our best to build a most comfortable, incentive and motivating application of following a healthy routine for maintaining a good lifestyle. Our talented team is using the latest user interference to help evolve the application. This technology improves the style and the target is to create a feature that makes using the HLTH application easy and pleasurable for every individual. Features such as voice-controlled interference, face recognition is been looked upon to create a more pleasant experience.

Google Fit Data-

With this new update, anyone can connect their HLTH account with google fit which will help you to calculate your health points to track your heart life and you can keep track of the activities such as swimming and strolling. These moving activities can impact the health of an individual that can help you have a holistic view of the health.

Enhanced Token Algorithm-

We have updated the Enhanced Token Algorithm to make sure that there is a fair distribution of tokens. For every noticed improvement and enhancement in performance of an individual, there will be HLTH tokens credited to a wallet of the person accordingly. For this, we have used a specific fit of algorithm that is useful for the fair full distribution.

In-App Wallet-

We have a safe and secure HLTH wallet that is protected from all threats. All your earned HLTH tokens are credited in this section. You can also keep track of all debited and credited tokens through the transaction history section.

The latest update of this application will help every individual to get motivated and work towards their physical health. It is very essential to have a balanced life in this stressful life to avoid any type of health complications. Hopefully, this application reaches as many people as possible and supports them to live a healthy life.




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