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- Maintaining a good and healthy lifestyle can be quite difficult. Many people struggle with consistent routines and exercise. This negligence can lead to too many diseases such as heart stroke, obesity, diabetes, kidney stone, cholesterol and various other life-threatening problems along the way. Proper exercise can help to keep your health on track, maintaining your BP level and accurate heartbeat. HLTH Run is one such application that is made up of the latest technology and all the current health trends. It will mainly motivate and encourage people around the world to boost their physical activity. At the end of the week and month, HLTH Run provides an overall report that consists of every tiny detail observed through smart technologies. This application can help to measure heartbeat rates, calories burnt, Footsteps taken an entire day, Track the location through GPS and various other details that are essential to take care of the human body.

- HLTH Run is far more advanced than any other health application as it motivates an individual to have a healthy routine through incentives. When a boost in performance is observed in reports provided by the application in comparison to the previous one, the individual will be rewarded with HLTH tokens. These tokens will be credited to your application wallet. These tokens are cryptocurrency [ cryptocurrency is a digital currency that is designed to work as a standard exchange tool through various computer networks. These are digital wallets]. Using these HLTH tokens, you can buy various health-related essentials such as supplements and vitamins. HLTH Run will suggest the various supplements required by your body according to your needs and requirements. These suggestions will differ from person to person. Many experts in the healthcare field have helped us to create these applications so all the data calculated are mostly accurate. Only simple steps can lead to a healthy lifestyle.

Various other incentives used by the HLTH Run applications to motivate and push individuals are-

- Walk and run to earn HLTH

- Compete with friends

- Earn badges

- Track your history

- Reach your set goals

You can keep a precise goal that you are trying to achieve for the day. You will receive a notification on the amount of time left to reach your goal as well as after the completion of your target.

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Run with friends is a new feature introduced by the HLTH Run application

Performing any monotonous and routine task can get boring. According to the research, it has been observed that many individuals disconnect their workout as it gets tedious. Running with friends can act as motivation. This feature can help to create a routine with your buddy through our latest technology, you can share your location with your friend so that you both can perform an exercise at the same time. Various other benefits are exercising with your friends are such as-

- Exercising can be fun

You are less likely to get fed up while working out with your workout friend. You can catch up and encourage each other while simultaneously performing workouts. Chatting while doing exercise can pass time quickly.

- Help build new friends-

If you perform the exercise with strangers, you have an opportunity to gain new friends with similar interests. Improving health and chatting about day-to-day activities can be a great way to start your day.

- Stick to the commitment

A friend with whom you can walk, perform workouts can help you to like stick to the routine. You would not let your friend perform a workout alone can make you perhaps be committed to the routine. The hard task can be less challenging when you enjoy them wholeheartedly. You can also give each other a pep talk when needed to support each other.

- More likely to succeed in the committed goal

When you have someone to motivate you to achieve your goal, you are more likely to perfectly do it. Research shows that the person is more likely to lose weight when you work out buddy is also losing weight. It is a bonus!

- Motivates you to work harder-

When your friends are around you with the same fitness level can help to encourage each other to push a little harder. Even the competitive side can spur you to do better than before and the power to keep going.

- Exercising with friends can be affordable-

If you plan to hire a personal trainer or equipment, you can split the cost into two and save cost. Carpooling and travel costs can be saved.

- New exercise ideas

You both can gain knowledge about skills and knowledge regarding healthcare. You can refine your running style and like new sports activities.

HLTH Run can help you with all the required motivation by incentives. This latest added feature is also to encourage more and more individuals to look after their health by performing the routine exercise. The reports produced by the application can be beneficial for people to track their health improvements over time.




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