Shores of Tomorrow

I find myself at the shores of the vast grey Sea again. Its salty waves calls me to leap. The water cleanses, and I ache for the depths. Down there, everything is of one colour. There is no me, no you, no us and no them. Sounds die before they reach me, perhaps already crushed by the waves, but a few words remain in my earlobes. My mind’s left me a few meters behind, and I sail through with determination alone.

Weary, I crawl past the gates and the colour engulfs me. I am eaten, born again at the feet of tomorrows. You disappear from all consciousness and mankind seemingly ceases to exist. The literature of all history cannot compare: all words start to turn meaningless. Without actions, the silence is crushing.

The inaction however conveys an immense sense of stillness. I rediscover what my childish eyes once saw, with its full range of wonder. Teary, I forget and forget. All that remains is a vessel that empties, slowly, in the expanse of the Ocean. I dive on and on, further into the trenches. Down there, even strengthened bodies start to twist and deform. A few light sparks shines out, to announce the calling of the few remaining species.

We then find each other. You are there. Still, sitting with eyes opened. Your exceptional warmth tells me “Why have you come down here?”, with your weary bosom accommodating. You’ve lost weight, and your arms are tired.

I cannot answer. Looking into your eyes, I see millions of starlights and rainbows that have now colluded into a deep charcoal black. No words can I borrow to describe the moments we looked at each other. Then, instead of remembering the first kiss, the first loving touch on each other’s face, the first bond of trust, the first discoveries of lust and passion, we now have the same charcoal dust sprinkled in our eyes. The scenery comes again and again, with tainted hearts and wide open gaps, with every corners of our senses clouded by who-knows-what.

“To wither and be born again,” answering your question.

You nod, and hold me tight. I fall asleep. We both do.

You move into my dreams and whisper me good morning.

But I can’t wake up.

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