Philando & Jeronimo: One is dead and “…one wants to get on with his life…”

The two below quotes stood out for me as I was reading through a NYT article about Philando Castile being killed and Jeronimo Yanez, the officer who killed him, being acquitted.

“My son loved this city, and this city killed my son…” Mr. Castile’s mother, Valerie, said…

She continued, “The system in this country continues to fail black people and will continue to fail us.”

Mr. Gray said Officer Yanez was “still very shook up” after the verdict, but “extremely happy it’s over.”

“He wants to get on with his life,” Mr. Gray said.


He’s shaken up. He wants to get on with his life.

He’s dead. Gone forever.

That’s a big difference y’all. For those of you who get caught up in the #bluelivesmatter or #alllivesmatter conversation when #blacklivesmatter is used, I hope you can see the striking difference here.

The #blacklivesmatter hashtag is being used by a population that has been enslaved, beaten and killed for hundreds of years. It’s. still. happening. now. And is considered legal according to court verdicts like this one.

Laws have mattered more than lives.

Police have mattered more than lives.

A frightened police officer being able to “get on with his life” has mattered more than the entire lives of black people.

Do you see the difference?