Soft Baby Shoes For Initial Walking

Having a baby is one of the biggest decisions in every person’s life. After the birth of the baby, each and every small thing about the baby becomes a big decision in every parent’s life. Each milestone of the baby is the most exciting time in a parent’s life. When the baby takes its first tiny steps, the parent’s happiness knows no bounds.

Baby Shoes

The research findings establish that children do not need shoes or foot wear in the initial few months of learning to walk. Foot wear should only be introduced once the child has got a hang of walking and walks properly without falling down every now and then. Baby shoes are really not required until the child masters walking. It is essential for the child to learn and get used to walking, therefore walking barefoot is advisable for babies at the learning stages. When choosing the first shoe for your baby, it is important for the shoes to have a good fit and not be too tight or loose. It is important to try the shoes on the feet of the baby, so as to check for a good fit.

Bones and muscles of the baby’s feet would only be developing at the time when the baby starts walking. It is important at this time that, the baby be able to bend its feet properly. Any foot wear or shoes with a stiff sole is not advisable, since this would hamper the growth of the baby’s feet. It would also not give the needed flexibility to the baby’s feet. Therefore soft baby shoes are a better pick. Additionally, rigid material can also create discomfort and result in sores, blisters and shoe bites, which can be very painful. Light weight foot wear made of softer materials should be purchased instead.

Every now and then, it would be advisable to check the size of the shoe, since growth in babies takes place faster. There should be atleast a thumb’s pinch space between the shoe and the baby’s toes. This would give him ample space for foot movement. The soles should also be skid proof, which would ensure that the child would not slip and fall on smooth surfaces. Shoes with velcro or buttons are recommended, since shoes laces may result in the child tripping over if the lace has come undone for some reason.

Babies must be given good exposure to walking barefoot because only then would they develop better grip and learn to walk faster. It would also help them understand different surfaces much better.

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