The 3 worst restaurants in UAE..

1st Worst restaurant “Tike The Beach” at The Marina ,Dubai. the first reason why it considers one of the worst restaurants. The way the serve the food not professional and look so bad. Restaurants should serve food in a nice way because people eat with their eyes first. If the food looks disgusting no one would eat.people pay for food at restaurant expect that the food will look soo yummy and taste soo good.

2nd restaurant “Sammach” at Souk al Bahar (Downtown Dubai).Sammach in the emararis local language its mean the fisher man.we are assumed that all the food will be fresh. And they should not use frozen ingredients such as fish, shrimp, and lobster. but unfortunately they are using frozen ingredients . in addition, the location should be near by the beach because the meaning of the restaurant name like I mention before.

3rd and last worst restaurant “Karakanda” at Marina Mall. I had heard bad reviews from more than five years and me though they will change the chef or improve the quality over the years .but, unfortunately, they didn’t take any stip. The view is really good you can see Abudhabi eye, skyline, and boats. I will give the decor 0 out of 10. The food is tasteless, also they don’t serve fresh meals. Expensive for the quality you get. At all the Service was really bad.

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