GirlScript Summer of Code

Hetal Mangukia
Aug 21, 2018 · 2 min read

Back in 2017, I came to know about GitHub. At that time, I did not know what it exactly is. All I knew was that it is some kind of platform for open source projects. I also made an account and tried to get hand on it but it was really confusing. Lately, I decided to learn Python and that is when I came to know about this awesome event GirlScript Summer of Code through HackerEarth. For all those who do not know what GirlScript foundation is, it is a non-profit registered by Government of India. The main motto of GirlScript is not only to encourage gender equality in technical sector but also to help all the beginners in technology who are clueless at the starting phase of their education.

So I registered for this amazing event and the interaction phase started from June 1 to June 22. During this phase, I learnt about all the projects and its tech-stack. Finally, I decided to work on a project named B.E.N.J.I. which is a digital assistant. It is written in Python and as I was a beginner in Python at that time, it has been immensely helpful for learning. At first, I was not confident enough if I could contribute as I was a newbie to both, open source and Python. But after interaction with the really supportive mentors and learning about Git and GitHub on my own, I started contributing.

The contribution phase was of 2 months starting from June 23. I learnt a lot during this process and helped to solve issues as well as added few features to B.E.N.J.I. Obviously I alone without the help of mentors could not do it. When the results of the first evaluations were out, I stood in the second place after contributing to 3 cake-walk issues and 1 intermediate issue for which I got 50 points(!). As it was my first open source contribution and my name was among those who topped, my confidence got boosted.

GirlScript Summer of Code not only helped me enhance my coding skills and knowledge, but it has also proven to be a kick-start for open source contribution! Congratulations GirlScript for the great success of Summer of Code and a big thank you, to the mentors as well :)

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