Hannah Does SXSW

Day 1 — The Arrival

The day had finally come. After months of planning, scheduling, and stressing, I was heading to Austin for SXSW. The trip to the airport was a combination of anxiousness and excitement, but mostly anxiousness. I wondered how I going to make the most out of this trip, (personally and professionally), if I’d have a buddy for the “buddy system”, and how I’d narrow the scope of my career initiatives.

Fast forward about nine hours and I was in Austin! I was able to walk outside in short sleeves, and feel the wind on my face without it chapping my skin! Shuttles came in waves to take all of us from the airport to the convention center so we could pick up our badges. We had the option to upload a picture of ourselves prior to badge pickup, but it wasn’t required. So naturally I forgot to upload one and as a result had to get one taken on the spot.. There are few things worse for me than knowing someone is taking a picture of me. I usually end up closing my eyes or awkwardly trying to muster a smile.

I’d look cool with a soul patch, right?

We made our way to the hotel with all of our luggage (that was an adventure in itself) and only a few toes were rolled over by suitcases.

I can now cross “taking up an entire bus with one group” off of my bucket list.

The AT&T conference center where we stayed was located on the beautiful UT campus a few miles away from downtown.

After we all checked in, and dropped our bags off in our rooms we headed downtown for some dinner. Downtown Austin is awesome, especially at night. Skyscrapers, trees woven in lights, Teslas..(people really like Teslas here).

*People in Austin also really like dogs! The first night I saw a mastiff dragging its owner down the sidewalk and I was lucky enough to pet it.*

For my dinner I treated myself to a $15 salad. That’s right. I spent $15 on a salad. But that salad had seven layers and was delicious! When the guy brought it to my table it was in mold. When he placed it in front of me pulled the mold off, the light hit the black beans just right. I was impressed.

I spent the rest of my night exploring a little area of downtown with my classmates, and made it back to the hotel by midnight.

I had an early day ahead of me.