What’s Machine Learning?

Marvin Heng
Jan 18, 2018 · 3 min read

Machine learning is a data science application using Artificial Intelligence that will learn from the existing data lake and continuously improving itself to predict the future trending, outcomes or behaviors. It will learn without being explicitly programmed. The primary goal of machine learning is to make computer learn automatically without any human intervention.

Why Machine Learning?

Since the amount of data is growing rapidly since 2000s, it is getting difficult to process the data and identify the information that will be useful to us. Now we are in the big data era, we have big sum of data, cheaper storage and we need more processing power than ever before.

As a result, with the above, we can now develop better analytics algorithm & smarter tools to process more data, analyze more complex data. Most amazingly, with machine learning, it can provide us the more accurate and high valuable information over the time, without any human intervention.

How Machine Learning Helps?

Machine learning will make apps and devices even smarter over the time. Try to imagine, by using algorithms:

  • e-commerce knows what kind of products had you purchased before so it can suggest the related products,
  • consumers can get the forecast of the future pricing of property by learning its trending,
  • we can now identify the object in the picture more accurately, or
  • your device knows your usage pattern so it can dynamically adjust the processing power to conserve battery.

Get Your Machine Learning Exploration Started with Azure Machine Learning.

Azure Machine Learning is a solution developed by Microsoft to bring the predictive analytics to public cloud, provides a better visual & easier environment for machine learning development.

With Azure Machine Learning Studio, developers are now able to create an algorithm by drag and drop where coding is no longer necessary! Besides, are you a Python or R developer? You can include your existing code to the Azure Machine Learning Studio as well. Not only that, we can also include any data as data source from anywhere to make our solution even better and smarter.

At the same time, Azure Machine Learning also shares many predictive analysis with Cortana and proven results from XBOX and Bing search engine. Now, regardless you are developer or data scientist, you can easily build, deploy, and share it with others.

Today, many APIs use Machine Learning platform, like Azure Machine Learning, to provide predictive analysis and these include:

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