Howard Milstein

Today's “Liberals “ (if they can indeed be described as such?) have developed over the years into a strange pathology which has taken on most of the most hypocritical and subversive radical mindsets our country and the world has ever seen. They’re agenda, inadvertently or subconsciously, displays a contemptuous sort whose agenda seems to defy human understanding and rationality. These misconceptions of the world and indeed, our capitalistic way of life here in America seems to intensify deep feelings of envy, psychological dependency, and an infantile insecurity as to whom they really see when gazing deep into the mirror. They seem to refuse to acknowledge class distinctions amongst people; harbor insidious and obsessive feelings about religion, race, nationalism and most amazingly, free speech! When the left see inequality as a problem, they make sure NEVER to let others see them as the true socialists they are; outwardly rejecting any connection between inequality and capitalism.

Quite naturally, this indescribably “sick” way of thinking brings forth the most despicable and childish forms of class warfare throughout our society. Why has this so ardently developed over the past 35 years? Why does modern liberalism stringently demand that hard work and monetary success and advantage be punished while people who choose to do less than nothing be rewarded? Is it not common to society and human beings that at least today …here in America , we are offered a basic freedom of choice to try to accomplish as much as each of us desires? Let’s admit one incontrovertible fact: None of us are born equal; however, it can’t be denied that for the most part we ALL have an equal shot in this country!

To save humanity from this quite imperfect world, the radical liberal mind emphatically brushes aside any type of personal responsibility, encourages self-pity , government dependency, victimization and promotes the attitude of anything goes, as long as it pleases me! Every problem they may encounter is identified as the fault of “others”; never to themselves.

Leftist thinkers have this psychological “trait” if you will, that everyone must be seen as equal in abilities, learning acuity, productivity and innate talent (this so obviously ridiculous that one cannot believe this was taught to them but maybe, dare I say, an early psychological infliction?). As such, they must protect the feelings or self-esteem of those they warrant as justified; (socially, morally and politically) even to the point of defending those that may endanger their lives and family while at the same time, having no problem vehemently debasing those they disagree with or who defend the innocents in our society. (Just look at what’s still going on today since Trumps victory).

Race and Political Correctness is the leftists pièce de résistance. They use it to shut off further dialogue with their opponents in debate as the word racism is their big “Equalizer”; never failing to use it in conversation when they have nowhere to run to. Pathetically, most of today’s liberals have no idea even what the word racism means no less when it may be duly warranted and justifiable in a discussion! Most of the time the context in which race is brought up is astounding and hysterically stupid as a means by which leftists use it to shock society.

It goes without saying that in the mind of an hysterical liberal, only white people can have that nasty heavy load of “race” on their shoulders, historically built into our genetic makeup since time immemorial. Thus, we see yet another liberal generalization advanced by their subordinates, cronies and the mass left wing media. This ingrained and deeply molded perception is the lefts “ claim to fame”. Once you are accused by them of alleged racist ideas it’s “ got you time” and you’re caught dead in your shoes! This left wing psychologically based phenomenon is hidden by them as it pertains to a much deeper and controversial subject matter than a leftist would not DARE to explore for it may in fact, terrifyingly expose them to a mind they would rather keep repressed!

The inability to recognize good and evil in man and the world around them is yet another particularly obtuse trait of the liberal leftists mind. It’s as if they are consciously fooling themselves about the people and the world they live in with an idealistic, self-aggrandizing, grandiosity that only they can identify with. In doing so, they do not welcome truly factual debate (mostly moral relativism), tolerance of others opinions (even when they are just spewing forth what other lemmings have repeated to them) or the ability to face certain truths about society, human nature, morality and most of all, themselves (be it good or BAD!) With a refusal to acknowledge the fact that this world is not the wonderland they so ignorantly pretend it ideologically should be is something that will remain a mystery to me eternally!

There is no doubt in my mind that today’s radical liberalism entails a newer population of people and youngsters who do not realize that their ideas, polemics and ways of dealing with today’s world and its people virtually borders on what we would call fascism. As most leftists are inherently secular thinkers, their twisted ideas which makes no moral distinctions between right and wrong is nothing to just brush off our shoulders like some “snowflakes” of dandruff. They are showing themselves up to be a major detriment to a way of life and culture here in America that many of us used to cherish quite dearly.