PRISM 101: Navigation

Hector Minaya
May 4, 2017 · 2 min read
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The best MVVM framework for Xamarin Forms :)… Honestly, don’t trust me, trust this guy

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There is no way I can cover all that PRISM has to offer in a single blog post, so I’ll concentrate one of my favorite features: Navigation!.


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And this is how it feels when using the Navigation Service in PRISM

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How does it work?

Notice the RegisterTypes() method.

Now, if you embrace MVVM you’ll agree that navigation takes place in the ViewModel. We do this by injecting INavigationService in our constructor.

Then we can use _navigationService.NavigateAsync(“PageNameHere”) to load a page into the navigation stack or _navigationService.GoBackAsync() to pop a page from the stack. As simple as that!

What about parameters? Glad you asked

For this we have the NavigationParameters object, we can use this to pass along parameters, but be careful not to send too much information.

Now, how do we receive the parameters on the other end?

Simple, use use the same NavigationParameters object:


By implementing this interface we have access to 3 new methods

This is where we can inject ourselves before the we navigate to the next Page.

This method is executed when another page navigates to us. This is called after the ViewModel has been pushed on to the stack.

Finally (this one is new in PRISM 6.3), the difference between this one and OnNavigatedTo is that this is called before the ViewModel has been pushed on to the stack.

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