Gurgling Snoring of Adulthood

Sometimes I cannot describe

What I am going through
 sometimes I do not want to shatter my dream
 Sometimes I do not want to sleep
 I do not have the courage to face the reality

Will my truth be accepted or dejected!

I am not sure
 is it called confusion
 I cannot describe you my sleep

Different dreams make me restless

I do not want to open my eyes

Afraid of breaking the view

My miseries and tensions, I do want to, reveal to you

Those all are your concern

But I handle in a different way

But, I love you from the core of my heart

And! Giving respect is the first condition of my love

I was, I am afraid

Of what! I do not know!

Maybe! It’s speaking the truth

My momentum, my speed all is with you
 I can shun my words
 But I cannot jolt your prestige

Poet: Hussain Khalid Mirza