The Morning the School Went Dark


I just failed a history test and was in no mood to be at school. Like any regular high school student I plugged in my headphones and ignored the world…I’m sure most don’t ignore the world by listening to High School Musical but I’ll live my life how I please. All of a sudden, the room went dark.


Our vice principal’s voice breaks over the PA system. “Pardon the interruption students and staff, but the community seems to be suffering from a power outage. Please continue to your third period class when the bell rings. We hope to find a solution but until then we will keep you posted.” Everyone in the library is shooting exciting glances in hopes we may go home soon. At this point, I pause Ashley Tisdale’s “Fabulous” and start a countdown.


The third period bell rings. Students move to their next class and I remain in the library but now Barbara has joined me. We begin discussing the recent crisis. Will everyone purge with the cameras off? Will we be given the sweet freedom of returning home? We wait.


The power has turned back on. Students are facing the inevitable sadness along with the return of electricity. We will not be returning home for another four and a half hours. The world mourns the loss of an open opportunity.

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