Bapakku Kepo

Indonesian slang, which is comes from Hokkien language (usually used by some communities in Medan, Palembang, and Pekanbaru) and then become a loanwords in Singlish (Singaporean-English) 
"Kaypoh" which means "really curious" defines a condition when a person is wanna know about everything.
Yet Kepo stands for "Knowing Every Particular Object", defines the same like what "Kaypoh" means.
It's a different language, but has the same definition at the same time.
Today my father call me by phone and we had usual conversation as father and daughter.

Father: Udah nemu judul thesis? | Do you already have found a topic for your thesis?

Me: Belum yah, tapi masih aman kok. | Not yet, dad, but I’m still on the right track.

Father: Kamu biasain nulis, tulisan kamu kan bagus. | You have to had a writing habit, your writing is nice.

Me: Iya yah… [tau dari mana tulisan bagus? kaya pernah baca aja] | Yes, dad. [But where you know that? When you read my post?]

Father: Ya nulis yang ringan-ringan aja, pengetahuan populer, kaya di Homokucingius. | Just write a light post, a popular knowledge, like what you did on Homokucingius.

Me: WHAAATTTT??? Ayah bacaaaa??? Ayah kepo dong??? [Asli Tumblr menjebak, kenapa sih ga ada fitur stat??? Selama ini gw selalu ngerasa fine-fine aja karena ga pernah tau ada berapa orang yang baca. Asli parah, bapak gua aja baca wkwkwkwwk] | WHAAATT??? You’ve already read my Tumblr???? OMG, you’re so kepo!

Father: Iya ayah nemu aja hehe. Biasain aja paling ngga seminggu sekali. | Yes, I’m already read that hehe. Just get into to it, at least once a week.

Me: Tapi kalo nulis harus rajin baca, sekarang udah males banget [Sambil masih misuh-misuh dalem hati dan ga percaya] | But if I want to write again, I have to read often, and now I’m too lazy to do it. [While I’m still grumble, when you read thaaatt??? Why you can found my Tumblr???]

Father: Omongan Anggun tuh bagus, kalau nulis emang harus banyak baca, kalau ngga yang kita tulis ga ada isinya. | As Anggun said, if you want to write, you have to read often. If you don’t, your post is just nothing.

So I have to write again, read again. From now. Ssstttt… don’t tell my father that I’ve already moved to Medium wkwkwkwk.