Being HTML Specialist in Sleekr

HTML Specialist or usually known as User Interface Developer is a person who develop the user interface or create the prototype of application — in this context is web based application —and very familiar with HTML, CSS and a little of JavaScript for prototyping.

Hmmm… the explanation above is a normal description that I thought if I asked to describe my profession. But being an HTML Specialist in Sleekr… you only have one job description:

You have lo laugh as much as possible. Coding is just a formality wkwkwkwk, your main job was laughing :D

Terus hari ini ada presentasi tentang git flow dari tetangga bawah, aku duduk jauuuhhhhh banget dari geng HTML. Wkwkwkwk rasanya gatel banget pengen komen, orang-orang di dalem ruangan pada serius-serius banget. Pokoknya kentara banget deh bedanya antara anak dev beneran sama anak HTML. God will always know what’s the best for us ❤