Internship Diary #1: Get into Medium Again


Hello, everyone!

Hello, Medium!

My Medium is just like a bulk blog for me, I just have one post only for a long time since I made an account on Medium. I prefer to use my Tumblr to write everything. Yeah, like EVERYTHING until I realized that my Tumblr is just like a RUBBISH. Sooooooo… I decide to delete my Tumblr and I want to start a whole new story on Medium.

…and this is my first story I want to write about, MY INTERNSHIP DIARY!


Just start the introduction, right?

Now I’m a front end developer intern in, an IT start-up company which work on logistic delivery platform. This start-up is from Indonesia — Jakarta in specifically, the city that I loved so much.

I’m the one and only female programmer in here, and I just want to start my career as a front end developer. Wish me luck, everyone!!!

Sssssttt… I have a lot of stories to write, just wait it, ya?

Bunch of love from me!