Internship Diary #2

Boarding or wording, eh?

In the middle of my working time, my CEO (his initial is Y) said something to me.

Y: “Nada, you have a good boarding skill!”

Me: “What?”

Y: “Boarding skill. You have a good boarding skill, where did you learn it?”

Me: “What do you mean?”

Y: “Your writing is good.”

Me: “…”

(What the @$#*@^#& he said? Why I don’t understand??? What’s relation between boarding and writing???)

(…and then I realized something: OHHHHH I SEEEEEEEE!!!! He mean WORDING, why I can’t hear it??? wkwkwkwk)

Me: “I didn’t learn it in anywhere, but I often made a letter for my campus for organizational purpose, sir.”

Maybe I have to listen more carefully 😂