A Story of Gojek Driver

It’s all about the effects of rating policy changes from Gojek company.

(Beawiharta, TEMPO English)

Gojek is a popular ‘online booking motorcycle taxi’ platform in Indonesia. I used their service almost everyday to go to my office. If you are a daily customer of Gojek, you can meet various types of personality of Gojek drivers.

So, here we go with my story!

On Friday, September 30th 2016, I ordered Gojek from Tanah Abang III to Kemanggisan (it’s about 7 km far) and the location of the driver is near Tanah Abang Station on Jatibaru Street. His location is not too far away from me, but he must took a diversion and the traffic jam is so frustrating in that time. So I decided to text the driver:

Me: “You really in Jatibaru Street, sir? I’m already on Tanah Abang III.”

Driver: “Yes, miss. Please wait for me.”

Me: “Ok, sir.”

Driver: “Wait for me, ya, miss. I surely would pick you.”

I think, what’s wrong with him? It’s not a common thing to happen. Most of the drivers — or people, won’t reply the message if I just send “Ok”.

…and the thing happened.

Driver: “I’m so sorry miss, this is my fault, this is really my fault. I have to take diversion and it takes me so faaaarrrrr away, and the traffic is so frustrating. I really sorry, miss.”

Me: “You don’t have to say sorry. I just think you set the app to automatically take the order, ‘cause it’s often happened to me. I just want to make sure. Tanah Abang Station is just too far from here for many drivers.”

Driver: “No, no, no, miss. I already commit to take any incoming order. I don’t want to dissapointing my customer. And even if the customer are far away from me, I still want to pick up them.”

Do you think this is just a common conversation?

No, it’s a big mistake!

He said sorry in aloud! He always say something in a loud voice, just like everyone can hear his voice. And you know what? He spend 30 minutes of my 45 minutes (approximate time) riding with the story of his dissaponting experiences as a Gojek driver.

…in the first 10 minutes, I still hear him carefully.

…in the second 10 minutes to the end of his story…





I’m sorry, sir, but I’m not tough enough to hear your story again and again and again and again for the rest of my way home and why you always said it in aloud? Everyone really can hear your story, sir! 😂

But here the points of his story:

Please pin a correct location.

As a customer, you have to pin a correct location in the Gojek’s Maps (or any other platforms like Uber, Grab, etc), ‘cause it can makes you and the driver meet in the less complicated way.

When you pinned a correct location, the driver can pick you up in the more faster time. They know exactly where you are, they just have to follow the maps. It makes both of you happy, right?

Be a wise customer. There are many customers who pinned wrong location — some in accidentally, but some customers do it in purpose. Gojek have set the fare much more cheaper than offline ojek (motorcycle taxi), why you must corrupting the distance like that?

Some customers pinned the location like missed about 1 km far, or pinned in different block or street. When you do that, the driver must takes an extra effort to find you, more time wasting and fuel wasting too.

Do you know what’s the bad customer do?

They blame the driver for their mistake.

If you pinned a wrong location, it’s your mistake, not the driver’s. You shouldn’t blame them, you just hurting them.

“Hey, Mr. Driver! Why you take a long time to pick me?”

Why you take that way? Why you take diversion?”

“I’m in a hurry, why you are so late? This is your fault!”

…and the most cruel thing, is…

They cancel the order in front of the driver face!

Hey, the driver have take an effort to find you, to pick you up, and this is your fault who not pinned on the right location. Please, don’t do that. They are human too, don’t add burden to the other’s life, okay?

And be careful to what you write as comment or when you giving a rating.

When you complain or write something bad as a comment, it can affected the rating of the driver. Again, if you pinned wrong location and you write in the comment that the driver take a long time to pick you up,

…it can degrading the driver’s rate.

…closed the opportunity of the driver to get any bonus.

…the system can suspend them and they can’t get any income.

Next, sytem error.

Is that true?

In the application of technology, there’s always a possibility to have a bugs in your system.

In this case, the driver said that when he still on the way to took a customer, there’s come an incoming new order. WHAAAT???

He still on the way, he wasn’t complete the order, why there’s come a new order to his phone?

This bugs makes the system think that the driver ignore the customer order. And this is also makes degradation of the driver’s rate, closed the opportunity to get bonus and get suspended — as the worst case.

This is the ending of my Gojek driver’s story. He keep repeat his story as long as the time of my way home. That’s why I feel so bored wkwkwk.

But for the last, maybe Gojek have to give more attention to the driver’s problem to makes Gojek a better company, not only for customers but also all the drivers. And we also have to become a wise customer.