Top Cryptocurrencies Offering Airdrops and Free Tokens at ICO | 2018 February, Updated Regularly

Sabbir Ahmed
Jan 21, 2018 · 4 min read

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Free Crypto Airdrops @hmlchy

Blockchain technology is being implanted over almost everything. From decentralized banking system to social media, we have seen the revolution of the tech. Hundreds of cryptocurrencies are created each month, relying on Ethereum or Bitcoin blockchain platform. At the beginning, every of these new altcoins offers the sale of the currency at a low price to gain customers. Some company goes beyond that and offers free token/coin giveaway.

Now you can collect the tokens/coins from their websites (mostly) only by signing up. Eventually, some of the coins’ price will hike and you can make money by selling the collected coin.

Most of the altcoin uses Ethereum blockchain and in order to receive the giveaway, you may need to create an Ethereum address. Coinbase — a crypto-wallet website/app — offers free Ethereum, Bitcoin and Litecoin wallet including receiving address for these altcoins. Another secure alternative is, which also offers free Ethereum address. Although registering on this website may seem difficult, read a tutorial about that.

The affiliate/invitation feature is available for most the websites on the list. The feature will allow you to invite your friends and followers and by that, you will gain a parentage of their earnings.

Updated List| Best Active Airdrops Of All Time

Updated 16th February

  1. : Viuly, a decentralised video sharing platform. Sign up for 10 VIU using an email address and remember to complete your registration by signing in again and selecting some genres you like.
  2. : Free coin and USD. Follow their twitter, facebook, medium and more profiles to receive $0.25 for each. Social media; get active to earn more. $3 for each referral.
  3. : Get free ERC20 tokens by just placing comment, following company profiles and doing other simple tasks.
  4. : Free coins.
  5. : Free coins.
  6. : Free coins
  7. : Free coins
  8. : Free coins
  9. : Free coins
  10. : Free coins
  11. : Free coins

Updated List| More Top 7 List Of ICO Airdrops

Updated 15th February

  1. : Free coin when you sign up.
  2. Like, join and follow their social profile to get free ERC20 tokens.
  3. : Free ethereum tokens for just following easy instruction.
  4. : Receive free birdscoin and birds by just signing up on their MVP.
  5. : Receive free ERC20 tokens and coins for free.
  6. : Free ethereum tokens.
  7. : Sing up and receive free coins.

Updated List| More Top 10 List Of ICO Airdops

Updated 30th January

  1. : Free coin and USD. Follow their twitter, facebook, medium and more profiles to receive $0.25 for each. Social media; get active to earn more.
  2. : Receive 100+ KAMI coin for joining.
  3. : 10 STC for just joining. Limited time, grab now!
  4. : Paste your MyEtherWallet ETH address to receive free Ethereum when token sale ends.
  5. : 25 CGM is being given free upon sign up. Free CGM wallet adress.
  6. : 5 Pixie token for everyone who signs up. Invite your friend for more 5 tokens.
  7. : Follow their twitter profile to receive 25 Coins. More tasks available.
  8. : Join their telegram group/channel to receive free coin.
  9. : Chat with the telegram bot to receive free ETH to MEW address.
  10. : Join the webinar to receive free coin. Limited time.

Updated List| More Top 10 List Of ICO Airdops

Updated 24th January

  1. : Get Free Altcoins upon sign up. Limited Time IBO.
  2. : SPIN ‘n WIN. Get free ETH when you spin. Keep your adblocker off to maximize the chance to win more.
  3. : As soon as you sign up, you are rewarded with 50 Wizzle Tokens.
  4. : Sign up and you will get a code. Submit the code in lino’s official telegram bot. You will be rewarded with airdrop bonus to your ETH wallet.
  5. : Follow and Retweet to get 88 CET.
  6. : A social media that gives you 50 Tulip upon sign up.
  7. : Get 5 coins for free when sign up.
  8. : Free 25 coin. Grab the offer now!
  9. : Get 10 airfio coin when you sign up.
  10. : 5 jus token is added to your account when you sign up.

Additional Sites:

  1. : 10 coins are given free.
  2. : 5o viuly is given as sign up bonus.
  3. : 150 coin sign up bonus.
  4. : A social media based on blockchain. It is rewarding its users, grab your bonus.

Top 10 Free Tokens/Coins Offering Sites

Updated 20th January

  1. : Social Media that is based on Decentralized governance. Sign Up token: 50 SAT. Each friends you invite also rewards you with 50 SAT tokens.
  2. : 1,000 Action Coins are given while you sign up. More coins can be earned through their affiliate program. A bit hard and not still in beta but worth checking out.
  3. : gives away 300.something worth of free coins when you sign up and verify email.
  4. : Gives you 100 tokens, currently worth $20.
  5. : Get free Tokens equivalent of $20 when you sign up and verify email.
  6. : Get free token when you follow the sign up process.
  7. : An RC (ringcorp token) worths $0.75. Get 5 bonus RC when you sign up. The price is expected to grow.
  8. : 5 HC (Hedgeconnect) are given away upon sign up. Grab your now.
  9. : Get 10 points for free by only signing up.
  10. : They gives away $500 worth of coin when you sign up.

The Following List Will Be Update Regularly. So Don’t Forget To Bookmark The Page. NXT UPDT: 22JAN.

Bonus: Worth Trying Out. : Chance of a Good Price Hike. : Offers bonus coins and affiliate program.

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