Henry Morgan I’m not sure how old you are, but you are a pure example for the “boys tech club”…
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Having been a network engineer for many years, I particularly admire Ms. Perlman’s book Interconnections and her casting of the funtamentals of spanning tree protocol in verse. I keep a copy on my desk. I am more than ready to bow daily in her direction. If I am confused about how things work or how things ought to work, I would rather consult Priscilla Oppenheimer than anyone. That being said you have missed my point entirely. Sarah’s comments were specifically about the culture of the technology business. For better or worse men built this culture (think tree fort) as there were very few women actually in the tech business during the time this happened. I am speaking of the Technology business (hardware and software) that really took off in the late 80s and early 90s. It was the wild, wild west. It is where the culture of Tech she is commenting on comes from. It is not academia. It is not corporate IT. I am not saying men built the technology. I am saying they built the culture mostly by default as there were very few women involved at that point. The average number of women in techincal posistions in the companies that I worked for or came in contact with in the Tech sector prior to 2000 rounded to the nearest whole number is zero. Since 2000 that number is probably closer to one.

Established culture has quite a bit of inertia even if it isn’t being specifically defended. It would seem from some of the virulently hateful online comments of my less enlightened brothers when they feel their culture threatened that this is not the case.

As I state in my response however, the culture that Sarah is mad about and afraid of is the money culture that dominates our society. This is a seperate and much more virulant culture as the actors feel a level of entitlement reserved in days gone by for royalty or high church officials. They would have little or no problem shagging her, shaming her and taking her company. It would be just another story to tell the boys over cocktails and back slaps.

My main point in the response was that these are two distinctly different sets of people and cultures. If you do not have a seat at the table when Sarah’s company was or is being stolen or in a similar position at another time and place, you are not a part of it.

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