On Reddit/r/RedPillWomen they call selecting a man “Choosing your life captain” and outline how…
Narrev Prime

I am not interested in being someone else’s Captain at this time. I am the Captain of my family now that I am not married to and do not live with my ex wife. That is plenty of Captaining for me at this time.

I prefer a collaborative approach to dating in many ways. I am happy to take charge at times. I am not interested in making all of the decisions. That can quickly turns me into a service dom of sorts if you get that term where my role becomes making all the decisions in an effort to please my date. I would prefer to have lots of flexibility in this sort of thing about what and when we do things and how we decide.

The key is I do not want to live in her pocket not do I want her to live in mine. I have a life. I have a lot to do. I have some time for a relationship as well.

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