Owning Our Shit
Adrian J Anchondo

This is not an issue of owning our shit as you say. It seems to be an issue of you spouting yours. Hillary Clinton was shoved down our throats by the establishment. The rules of the process were changed to make sure she was the nominee. That did not make the powers that be feel secure enough so they cheated on top of that. What they did not understand is that Neocon politics even the Clinton’s “Necon Lite” is done. It has been seen through finally as a way to make most of us poorer in the long run. Donnie T won in part because he is not a Neocon. When you understand that he won as much for who he is not as for who he is, you will understand this election and this moment in history. It is a truly silly reason to elect a misogynistic, racist, emotionally unstable man devoid of principle, but it is what just occurred.