We are a Nation of Racists

There I said it.

A big part of the reason Trump won the election is that the left does not really understand the average American.

The U.S. is not made up of overt racists like David Duke or Steve Bannon. Sure, there are some of these guys out there. They serve a purpose for the mainstream as being the face of racism. They are quite different in many ways from the average suburbanite. The other highly popular identification of racists has to do with having a thick southern accent and lack of language skills. They claim that since they don’t really look or sound like a racist, they must not be one. It is a comforting thought. It isn’t true.

The racists that are really important are the ones like Jeff Sessions. He would tell you he is not a racist. I think his definition at one time was that “you are not a racist if you only tell race based jokes or use a racial epithets in private.” These are what I like to think of as the polite racists. They make up the majority of the group and nearly half of the nation.

This is the racism of our times. It is not overt. It is incredibly hard to stamp out. If you live in very liberal parts of the country, you won’t even see it. That doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

We can measure it directly in the votes for Trump. People saw him run a racist campaign. People knew that he was going to establish a racist regime. Many voted for him because they are good with this. It feels good to blame other people who we do not perceive as being “like us” for our problems. This is always where fascists start.

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