Twitter: 8 ways to increase your followers

Most Twitter members will tell you that their number of followers (members who subscribe to their posts) does not matter, and that’s not why they use Twitter.

Certainly. However, in some cases, size matters, as the other would say, and the human being is so made that he will quickly take a taste of a form of competition he still disdained the day before. On the other hand, there are typologies of members on Twitter who have every interest in having a high number of followers, especially when we know that the microblogging site becomes for brands an important marketing issue.

In short, you will understand, if no one claims to run after the audience on Twitter and that glory is not an end in itself, it is always more pleasant not to preach in the desert, the followers being neither more nor less your readership. And yeah.

Here are 8 ways to increase the number of your followers on Twitter, among certainly many others:

1. (Basic) If you have a blog or site, put a permanent link to your Twitter page prominently. Do not laugh, it’s the ba-ba but we often forget the simple things.

2. View and distribute the link to your Twitter page wherever you can where you post your profile online: email signature, Facebook profile, Linkedin, signing in the forums, and even in real life: business cards, letterhead.

3. Use twiends to increase twitter followers. A very complete tool for the daily management of our Twitter account, allowing us to clean our profile by dedicating a few minutes a day, as well as many other functions.

4. Use the hash tags. What? Hashtags are Twitter-style tags that allow you to join a thematic conversation and find a topic in Twitter’s search engine more easily. A hashtag is composed like this: # keyword. If you want to take part in a conversation about surfing, put the hashtag #surf somewhere in all your tweets on the subject. As a result, when others want to join the same conversation, your tweets will appear more clearly. Hop a few followers. Surfing leads to everything. Especially on the internet.

5. If you want to be followed, follow. I use a simple way: as I have cut all email notifications from Twitter, I regularly go to the page listing my followers and I look a little profiles, and I’m the ones that seem most interesting. But there are better: those you follow and who do not follow you, that you can find using this online service. Without doing the rewinding or spammer, you can occasionally send a message to these people hoping for an answer, and ask them to follow you for convenience. Personally so far I have never refused a request for follow-up, unless it is questionable or feels the spam full nose.

6. Answer: When someone talks to you on Twitter, the least bit of politeness, to the extent possible and if you are online, is to answer him. Do not hesitate, always tactfully and parsimoniously, to invite you into a conversation that you see happening, especially if you have something relevant to say or information to bring, it will never be frowned upon, after all Twitter is public.

7. Post: Post information, funny little news or unpublished, unusual photos. We are on a micro-blog, a thing of lifestream, so no complex to have to just publish what does not deserve a blog post but is still too interesting to be ignored. Watch for airliner crashes, success assured. For this, needless to say that you must have a good Twitter client on your mobile and a permanent web connection.

8. Ask questions. If your question is of interest to the community, not only will you get a lot of answers, but you will be retweeted, which is good for your notoriety (and your karma).