If there is something I want to change, it is that look in my father’s face

This happened way back in 1992. I was in the second year of my graduation. My favorite past time was to hang out with my friends.What we do..in simple terms“Nothing”. In the words of my teacher “These hangouts are nothing but an exchange house of information that paves way to gaining knowledge in areas which has no significance to the persons involved nor the society”

My father defined it more simply “This is den where useless creatures wasted oxygen and space”.

One such days where we were happily inhaling oxygen and exhaling so many useless ideas, my father came home without his moped. His moped stopped in the middle of a road. He had to abandon it and came by bus. He asked me to go and fetch it. I told him that I am going out with my friends but will do this in the evening. However, I conveniently forgot it. He tried to get hold of my brother but in vain as he left much earlier that day. Those were the days the mobile phone revolution has not even thought of.

I was happily enjoying with my friends and reached home late in the evening. As I approached my house I could see my father pedaling the moped towards us. He has gone himself to take the moped. It was almost 20 kms. He has pedaled it all the way. He came closer to the house. I took the moped from him and said “ I would have gone in the evening”. He never uttered a word, but his facial expressions spoke million words.

If there is something in the world that I want to change, given a choice, I would go back to change that chapter. I want to change the look in my father’s face. I wanted to see a different me who would choose to get the TVS -Moped myself instead of hanging out with my friends.

The look in my father’s face has been captured and framed in my mind. It is promptly played again and again to taunt me.

Mahatma Gandhi said “Your future is determined by the actions you take today”. In other words, your action today creates the imagery for your mind to play in future.

The question is not just about the imagery we want to create about our life in our minds but also about the imagery we would like to create in the minds of people around us and closer to us.

I hope to create better experiences that can create great imagery for my mind to play back .

I am sure everyone hopes for the best.